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Outdated opinions have no place in society.

Having just celebrated a rather relaxed thirty sixth birthday, I became a tad reflective. I used to have a ritual that consisted of knocking back a load of beers before nine O’Clock in the morning whilst listening to the first... Continue Reading →

You know it’s time to ban religion.

Warning: Contains opinions that you might not like. The past is our future, it is said. This doesn’t bode well at all for any of us. Our past is filled, obviously, with death. Disease and various natural causes are, of... Continue Reading →

Parenting? Don’t be a duck, you could be worse.

With the onset of spring comes a myriad of beauty as the the hedgerows burst through with new life. Trees develop new foliage and and all manner of creatures start shagging profusely as the weather becomes warmer. The days are... Continue Reading →

Is smoking that bad? L.A Stories

There was a time when I used to look younger, mainly due to the fact that I was actually… y’know,.. younger. There are things that we are told do to maintain these youthful looks or moreover, what not to do…... Continue Reading →

Can you actually be ‘mindful’?

It would seem in this very chaotic world that we all need to calm the fuck down and be more aware of our surroundings and of who we are, or at least, this is what we are led to believe.... Continue Reading →

Too lazy to care about your customers?

Why can’t the hospitality industry provide the service that it’s supposed to? Surely, by now, it is just common sense to provide a decent service to all that might enter your establishment? maybe not. Recently, we were in a place... Continue Reading →

Easily offended by nothing… Ego needs your help.

We seem to be having a problem amongst ourselves in social media. I say “ourselves”, but what i really mean is our “ego”, it must be caressed and massaged to feel better because the unfiltered dreariness of life shall not... Continue Reading →

The meaning of life, Lets keep this short.

When trying to work out something, say, ‘how long will it take to do?’ Some people can’t help but ask, “how long is a piece of string?” Well, that’s quite simple really; Its twice the length from the middle to... Continue Reading →

Could scumbag child abusers be useful?

A few years back I realised that I might not be the most useful person in an emergency situation, and as I was also about to leave my job at the same time, I thought that having improved (any) first... Continue Reading →

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