When trying to work out something, say, ‘how long will it take to do?’ Some people can’t help but ask, “how long is a piece of string?” Well, that’s quite simple really; Its twice the length from the middle to the end.  If you reply with this, those same people can often become quite baffled. It’s one of those questions that lots of people don’t seem to know the answer to. It is very similar to the question, “which came first?- The chicken or the egg?” Again this is also quite simple – The egg.

Why? The egg has been around for hundreds of millions of years, we have evidence to prove it. The question isn’t “which came first – the chicken or the chicken egg?” That answer would obviously be the chicken. Some people will say “but you cant have a chicken without a chicken egg” Not so. Following the basic rules of evolution, we know that over large periods of time, things change, mutate, develop and evolve. Chickens are directly related to, and a hangover from what we would call Dinosaurs, Avian type dinosaurs, at least, so far as we know. So somewhere along the line there would of been a winged, feathered creature that had laid an egg, it would of hatched and most likely of been considered a bit of a freak in the local pub. A couple of the old school dino’s in the corner drinking a sulphurous pint of bitter might of nicknamed it “chicken” but the mother of this said freak would just choose to ignore these comments and carry on, this was her “chick” and Brian, who is a bitter Theriznosaurus can go fuck him self. What does he know anyway? This chick who was to grow into a chicken then had the first chicken egg, maybe after getting chatted up by a rather handsome Archaeopteryx, and then starts a few million years of breeding and interbreeding between various species to get to where we are now, which is KFC and bacon and egg rolls. (brown sauce obviously, you can piss off with your red sauce)

Simple answers to simple questions. If you want to know where you go when you die, the answer is… well,.. pretty much everywhere. Read up on how atoms disperse throughout the universe, fascinating stuff. But what about the “Big question”? No, not “why do farts smell worse in the shower?” (you know it’s true) or “how did Mumford and sons become so popular?” (weird) or “is the moon made of cheese?” (I’m 50/50 on that one) No, not any of these very valid questions, but the biggie, “What is the meaning of life?”  Hmmm… Where to start… Firstly, Why does life need to have a meaning? Life is … well… exactly that, Life. Life existed before we turned up on the scene and it will surely continue after we’ve annihilated the scene. Does there need to be a purpose to all of it just to make you feel better? Clearly the answer to all of this is “it is entirely subjective”  What do you want from life? You don’t know? Don’t worry, most of us don’t know either and that’s fine, sort of. Some people may well go along the Douglas Adams line of thought that, we are some sort of experiment being controlled by little white mice. If this is the case, where is the control part of the experiment and does this open us up to the parallel universe theory. Let’s not get too crazy here. We can leave that behind for another day.

What is important to you? How do you behave around other people and what is your effect on them? These might be some of the things, when answered, might help define a meaning for you. The meaning of life will surely be different for everyone, or maybe not. Ask most people what they want in life, and if they don’t come up with anything material or wanting to have superpowers, the answer will most likely, and quite disappointingly be, “to be happy.” This might seem boring but boring is good here though, being happy is great, it’s what we all want. I hate loads of stuff but, oddly, that makes me really happy. I wish no harm on anyone, (maybe a few people) I just want nice things to happen (like filling up to the right amount at the fuel station in one go and not going a penny over) and when bad things happen? (trying to piss in the wardrobe at 2:00AM) I hope I can learn from them. Our lives are just a tiny part of what seems to be happening on this planet, our lives are even smaller when considering what is potentially happening in the greater universe. I have no issue with the fact that I wasn’t “put here for a reason”. I don’t live my life like it’s my last day, as some Facebook posts suggest I do, but instead, I try to live my life in a way that makes me happy.

I found that learning humility has been very useful to my life. Trying to not be as big a prick as as I have been seems to be quite a good idea as well. We seem to be the only creatures that need to find meaning within the things around us but this doesn’t mean there is a “meaning” to any of it. Our view of things is entirely our own construct. Our own reality. The question of “what does it all mean” is purely and entirely subjective. Everyone has to find their own answers. I used to think that the all the people that have died, only get to find out, in the moment of their deaths, what the meaning of life is.

For me, it’s about giving less fucks about the small stuff, showing humility, learning and in general, not being a complete prick all the time.

It’s not easy.

I am a Changing Man