We seem to be having a problem amongst ourselves in social media. I say “ourselves”, but what i really mean is our “ego”, it must be caressed and massaged to feel better because the unfiltered dreariness of life shall not be allowed to peer through, how dare it?!  I do enjoy Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name but a few. I use all of these and I do especially enjoy having my ego boosted when someone likes a pic or whatever other puerile shit that I think is funny, I love it and You do too, of course you do, don’t lie to yourself… oh,  …. oh I see; you’re one of those types that only uses social media to change the world, you’re above everyone else, you’re not in it for yourself- of course not. Everything you do is important and #valid, hashtags everywhere, hashtag everything. What the hell has happened to us? #WTF

We’ve become so desperately devoid of genuine emotion and empathy that we aren’t sure when to be offended anymore.

Over 26,000 children die every day from starvation- Meh…

School gets bombed in middle east (by the “good guys”) and hundreds of people die, mainly children- Meh…

Someone criticises someone else’s footwear on Twitter- OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fucking dare you?!?!?!?!?!?  WTF?!?!?!?!?!  I hate you!!!! Die!!!!  There is a place for you in hell, enjoy it you cunt!!!!!….  Sorry what just happened there? Those spiteful bitter attacks were all targeted towards the people that allow all those innocent children to die, right?…  No?…. Really?…. Oh dear, “me thinks we have a problem.” I think we’re being offended by the wrong thing here people. I’m all up for getting a mob and lynching some bad guys and that, I got rope, duct tape and a severe hangover from catholicism that I need to shake off, so I am good to go but, I was kind of hoping that I might be able to direct it at something worthwhile, y’know? Maybe, global warming?… No? Ok, how about, corruption of church and state?…  Erm, big pharmaceutical companies not finding cures for terminal illness’s quick enough? Drone strikes on kids? Female genital mutilation? Persecution of LGBT people from around the world? Wasting a third of all global food stocks anually? No WMD’s found in Iraq? Destruction of our Sea’s? The new re-make of Ghostbusters?….  No?  So we are going to band together to be offended and completely upset because some unknown, talentless, has-been is wearing an item of clothing that ultimately makes them look stupid and we now need to defend their right to wear what ever they want…   I mean, yeah,.. that’s nice and everything but….  is this an appropriate use of human capabilities? Why are we offended by what some idiot posts up on the internet? Who care what anyone else thinks. I’m quite bored of people being offended by nothing and becoming very vociferous about it and yet those same people will do nothing about any of the major issues in life because, well… it’s not their problem is it, it’s someone else’s.

I love the not very obvious but very important (maybe that should be the other way round) battles that are waged through social media. How about the worst thing that could happen to you in life right now?… No not the USA invading your underpants, What about if someone unfriends you on Facebook?!  Heavy?… I know. Blocked on Instagram? Oosh, kick to the face…, How about the people who block other people from seeing “their profiles” on Instagram even though they’ve never followed the aforementioned profile? Surely this level of childishness, that is clearly a preventative to being offended in the future, shouldn’t be accepted within adult society?  The hate and vitriol that is thrown around on Twitter is on another level of disgusting but it normally surrounds “celebrities” and often comes from narcissistic , inadequately qualified in the mind and genitals department sort of people that you only normally see masturbating into bins outside the CO-OP.

I can’t get over the fact that this is what upsets us these days in the “modern world”. The problem with all of these people being attacked on social media is that it makes them all very famous. Well, some of them at least. Take the “cash me owside, how bow dah” girl? This young lady has become very famous for being quite a horrific person to all of those around her, to her mother, to her friends and, I can only imagine, many of those around her, and this seems to be the reason for her success. Be a prick and even though no-one likes you, everyone will follow your life waiting for the inevitable “trainwreck” moments. But this is all wrong. By following this idiots life, we are all encouraging her and many other twats that follow, to think that being a complete fucktard is a good thing because it might make you some money.

If you’re not offended by that, you might be part of the problem. Tragically, I think I’m part of the problem as I do love to observe people who think that they’re clever and well educated but completely have no grasp on reality at all.

To paraphrase a great man  “… hang the sense of it, and push on”.

I’m deeply offended by this post. #justsayin #myegoneedsyourhelp


Changing Man