Why can’t the hospitality industry provide the service that it’s supposed to? Surely, by now, it is just common sense to provide a decent service to all that might enter your establishment? maybe not. Recently, we were in a place where we asked to get a table for eight people and greeted with the standard response of “do you have a reservation?” well… no, but do you have any space for us? “erm, I can check… sorry but we are fully booked.” The place was barely a quarter full. To be fair to the lady dealing with our request she did manage to make a table up for us to use in a derelict back bar where the beer pumps didn’t work. Never mind, I was grateful as we had some very hungry kids with us and they liked the play area so it wasn’t too bad. We were then told, after ordering the kids food that our main meals would take longer… “why?” my good friend asked… “Oh, because we are fully booked.” My friend pointed out the fact that the carpark was barely a quarter full so “why will it take so long to fulfil our order?”….   “well,.. basically,… the chef wants to go home at 2 in the afternoon so that he can have a break in between the afternoon shift and the dinner service.”

I wouldn’t of minded if it was busy but it was about as busy a jimmy Saville benefit gig for the NSPCC. Shit excuse. Don’t get me wrong, the food was good but it wasn’t so good that I could accept the hour delay for our food to arrive. “why such a delay?” … “well sir,… we are understaffed”  Oh well,.. sorry… it’s not my fault that I’d made the decision today to spend money in this establishment and you guys have not managed your staff correctly and now I have to wait an hour whilst your bar staff piss around outside making things look nice while we wait inside for our drinks. Who the fuck doesn’t put on enough staff over an Easter Bank Holiday Weekend? This isn’t a one of though, sadly.

A group of friends recently arrived at a well known beach restaurant and wanted a table for twelve… “you’ll have to sit outside” … not so bad i suppose, it is a nice evening… “But we are not serving food outside.” Then why give them the fucking table in the first place?… No worries, they just moved on to the next bar/restaurant, and the first response they had was, “we are not starting a food service till after Easter” What? The first weekend of the ‘Tourist season’ where first impressions are vital and you can’t be arsed to provide a quality service… and yet you will complain in a few months that “it’s not like it used to be”… well I’m not surprised really. If the hotel/bar/restaurant can’t be bothered then why should a visiting tourist tell his friends and family that going to Jersey is a ‘good idea’?

People will travel the world to better themselves and find ways to support their families, these are not the people to blame. It must only come down to lazy management! There are places in the world that when you walk in, even though the place is about to close, you will be treated like royalty because every penny you spend is better than not having those pennies spent in the first place. Why cant we realise this? An establishment doesn’t deserve a five star trip advisor rating if they  can’t  even be bothered to find a table for people just looking for a basic meal on good Friday. It would surely make sense to say to people, “we can’t offer a full meal service but we can at least provide you some basic sandwiches” When you’re half drunk, this would suffice. Most places in the world will happily operate this system so why can’t we do this here? It would seem that we have it too easy so we really don’t have to care… well… you should care.

I’m so bored of lazy as fuck people making excuses for poor services. I hate most things but if it was put to me that “if you don’t do your job properly, you’re screwed” then I would make a serious effort to try and make your user experience just so amazing that you will be tripping up over yourself to come back and give me a massive tip. We have no idea of how hard things could be, yet we feel we are owed a massive favour from society… No… fuck you.

Can we all just try a little bit harder please? I guess the problem is that we don’t know our station. We can’t all be famous, we can’t all be rock stars or youtube sensations, some of us just…  have to be here, for everything to work the way it does. This is life, what a fucked up thing we do. What a nightmare come true? No, just thunder-twats everywhere.

If anyone has a spare table available for next Easter then could you let me know, I’m getting nowhere right here.


Changing man