Warning: Contains opinions that you might not like.

The past is our future, it is said. This doesn’t bode well at all for any of us. Our past is filled, obviously, with death. Disease and various natural causes are, of course, not how anyone wants to die but these are quite a ‘natural’ course of things. War also seems natural to human beings. We can’t seem to stop. Millions of people have died fighting for what they believe to be right, fighting “the good fight”. Billions of people have died as a consequence and throughout history, it has always been a handful of people that have profited from these awful situations. The thing that seems to motivate people to go to war and kill isn’t profit though.  It seems quite evident that most wars are fought on behalf of invisible sky gods. Gods that have never been proven to exist, only believed to “be” because various lunatics have had visions. The problem with these nut-jobs is that they are completely bonkers and have some sort of power-play issues, “daddy” issues maybe? Feeling slightly inferior to your mate down the watering hole? Start a religion. As a general rule, we humans are quite naive and easy to convince about any sort of shit you might wish to fill our tiny heads with. No new taxes, Weapons of mass destruction, evil MMR jabs, efficient diesel cars, CFC’s, asbestos, advertising, the list may well continue for ever. Some of these things we know are completely wrong and some we’re not sure about yet. As they say, there are “two sides to every story”.

I think it is time though, right now, as in, this very fucking minute to stop all of this nonsense and start using our wonderfully evolved brains to stop all of this unnecessary killing. I personally feel that one of the main causes for billions of deaths is religion, and it should be banned. Completely ban it. I can hear all the nickers becoming very twisted right at this very moment. “How dare you?, I’m allowed to believe in what I like” of course you are… but you are a danger to the world… “I am a good citizen and have never hurt anybody because of what I believe”… yet.

I understand that most people have “harmless beliefs” but it still comes down to grown adults believing in rather violent fairy-tales. It would seem that there are a lot of mentally unstable religious fanatics on either side of any “war”. They all start out quite harmless and then something triggers. If religion was removed from the equation and maybe replaced with Star Wars Lego, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t see so many despicable acts of terrorism globally.

I  don’t normally advocate such a controlling policy of the global population but I don’t see people giving up on outdated belief systems anytime soon. So what are we supposed to do? Smoking is bad for you and there is a very good chance that if you do it a lot you will die sooner rather than later. Slowly, around the world, it is being pushed to the side of acceptable society where before it was promoted. Smoking kills. Very simple. Religion kills. Very simple. I would rather have more people smoking than believing in religion. If you removed all the worshippers of various churches, temples, mosques, synagogues et al and filled those places with all the smokers that are now blocking up the streets because they’re not allowed inside anymore, well… I think we’re moving in the right direction here people.

“The various religious scriptures have given us so much though” Of course, and cigarettes were pushed on people during the second world war to help keep people calm, but we have moved on from that thinking. It has been consigned to the history books and that is exactly where all religious scriptures should be left, in the history/fiction section of a library. The time is now to ban this very backwards structure.

If your imaginary friend is telling you to do good things and you’re happy, well… I suppose that’s fine, sort of. But what happens when your imaginary friend tells you to go out all kill other people that believe in their own imaginary friend, because they’re wrong, they’re idiots, infidels, if you will. What happens then? That’s not OK. They need to be stopped, maybe with bombs and stuff. Backed by your imaginary friend (who is virtuous and true) you can stamp out the other guy for believing in such nonsense… erm… “Righto?!”. It might be time to stop believing in imaginary friends.

Of course, people all over the world have had “visions” and “heard the voice of god” but they are always alone and more often than not, they get woken from their sleep to be told some very important message. Is there a chance that these could just be dreams and maybe shouldn’t be taken so seriously? I don’t doubt that people believe these thing to have happened to them. I once spoke to Jimi Hendrix, Yep, sure did. He came to my house and stood in my room with me and had quite a nice chat. He was there, right there in my room. I saw him and spoke to him extensively and you can’t prove it otherwise. He came to my house in around the year 2002 – he died in 1970. I don’t need to detail how I ended up having this meeting with him (blue halos maybe?) but trust me, it happened. Totally happened, more than once… apart from it didn’t. Actually. Happen. I experienced it for real, but it was all in my head. Maybe I did connect to another spiritual plane, my mind was opened after all, or maybe… I was just tripping balls… Hmmm, I still haven’t figured it out yet.

We need to make our future much better than our past by living in the here and now, looking after ourselves and our planet and not screwing everything up because there might be a better afterlife. This is your “afterlife” now. It might seem a bit shit but it is all we have. This planet, this life. We have to move forwards and I can’t see how keeping religion, of any sort, is going to help with human advancement. If we aren’t capable of educating ourselves to get over the nonsense of religion then it’s time we ban it completely. I’m sick of being fucked over by dangerous, sick, twisted, narrow minded bigots.

We need to stop killing people.

Our future needs to be better than our past.


Changing Man