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Long haul drinking

I used to love long haul travel on an aeroplane. It was always lots of fun. The fun seemed to start in the bar waiting for the flight, sometimes it would even start the night before, it might of actually... Continue Reading →

Could this rare tree be worth billions?

The Island of Jersey has an incredible natural beauty, as do many places in the world. We have some clean parks and some of Europe’s best beaches. Our coastal areas are so diverse that they are quite breathtaking and the... Continue Reading →

The wrong trousers

I spend a fair amount of time driving around and with this, I see lots of odd things. I live in a very nice part of the world and I am very appreciative of this but recently I have noticed... Continue Reading →

Why “Burn your TV”?

I'll tell you why and how this all started, lets roll it back a bit shall we? The Millennium arrived safely after a great deal of fear following months of post-apocalyptic predictions owing mainly to the idea that the world... Continue Reading →

Skateboarders, what’s the point?

Skateboarders are everywhere aren’t they? What a nuisance. Ollie jumps off walls, grinder flips down stairs, Mc twists into grannies and don’t even get me started on the clothing…, Satan’s spawn I tell ya. Vile, destructive, misled youth, a scourge... Continue Reading →

A religious travel ban for all

Less vehicles on the road so less traffic and maybe some more parking freed up

A Goan Road

This Goan road is my friend and foe

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