Through this site I am hoping to express views and opinions that are ever changing just like the tides, let’s hope no-one drowns. I am expecting this page to develop and collapse as much as the world does on a rather regular basis. Burn your TV can be seen as a metaphor, I’m not telling you to Burn your TV, I’m just suggesting that you might well be better off without it.

I’m a freelance writer and I can write you anything – just ask.

Facts might be used to explain my point, some things may well be just pure nonsense but I’m sure this will be obvious. There will be stories and maybe some other scribblings that should have been put down before they grew. I hope you’re not too sensitive to honesty, Shame if you are. Let’s keep things open. In my opinion, I find that blogs can often be boring unless you’re ‘in to’ the particular subject matter, this might/might not be the case here, you decide. What’s the subject? Life.

I have no agenda wether it be political or religious. Love it or loathe it, I do not give a f**k.